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Welcome, Member!

It's great that you have chosen to "...Be a part of it!" Your webmaster will try to keep this section of the website updated with the latest information, so please check back often.

Without you there's no Foothills Chorale. Above everything else we want to make great music together. But please consider whether "just singing" is the right approach to help keep our organization vibrant, fun, salable, and in the limelight.

Please take a minute to review the Expectations page, and when you have a bit more time also peruse the articles found below.

For Further Reading

We, like all arts organizations, are feeling the pinch of a less-than-arts-friendly economy, are constantly in danger of having local funding cut or curtailed, have an aging audience pool, and are mostly losing the battle for younger audience members.

Your Board of Directors would love to have your input concerning attracting and keeping your audiences. Please read these professional articles and then talk with any Board member about your ideas.

  1. Attracting-an-Elusive-Audience
  2. Building-Arts-Organizations-That-Build-Audiences
  3. Building-Deeper-Relationships
  4. Cultivating-the-Next-Generation-of-Art-Lovers
  5. Engaging-Audiences
  6. More-Than-Just-a-Party
  7. The-Importance-of-Community-Venues
  8. The-Reality-Underneath-the-Buzz-of-Partnerships
  9. ImpactStudy09_Report (ChorusAmerica)

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